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Frequent Questions

Updating iPhoneModem

To update iPhoneModem to the latest version:
a) on the iPhone, use cydia and update
b) on the computer, REMOVE any previous versions, download and install the helper app

Since the first version in 2008 the upgrade has been free for all users.

Is iPhoneModem secure?

On the mac helper app preferences, you can define a password and change the name of the WiFi network. If you do, communication between the iPhone and the computer is encrypted.

On Windows, you can secure the WiFi network created by the helper app by using windows WiFi/network connection settings.

Another distinctive feature of iPhoneModem is that, by design, it's not always on: you control when you want to have it open and can easily monitor the network usage.

Why the Jailbreak?

iPhoneModem needs to access internal features of the iPhone which are not available for regular applications. There is currently no way to provide these features except jailbreaking.

How much traffic can I use?

iPhoneModem does not limit the amount of traffic but it let's you monitor your total traffic: you can check how many traffic you have generated by clicking the info button on the iPhone. You can also reset it back to zero.

The amount of traffic you can use depends on your agreement with your cell phone provider.

How about USB?

You can connect the phone to a computer or charger while using iPhoneModem. On long running usage scenarios that's recomended to avoid draining your battery.

WiFi sharing used by iPhoneModem has advantages over USB:
- you can place the phone on the spot with the best reception and use the connection up to 100 meters away (probably about 30m indoors).
- the hacking necessary to use USB tethering is more prone to fail with upcoming versions of the software.

Can't find it on Cydia

Try refreshing and updating cydia. Remember this application requires iPhoneOS >= 2.0.
If that does not work please make sure that the http://apt.modmyi.com/ repository is installed (on Manage>Sources).

Sales Related Issues

If you have a sales related problem please use one of the following links to contact us directly. Priority on support will be given to customers.

Report sales related issues [license problems...]

Change your phone [you can migrate the license up to three times]


If your problem is not covered on the FAQ section and it's not sales related, you can contact us on support@iphonemodem.com.

iPhoneModem is also present on getsatisfaction.com.