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Addition's iPhoneModem It's playing 2.0

With iPhoneModem it's now easy to share the iPhone Internet connection with your computer

Helper App

iPhoneModem's right hand is an Helper App for the Mac or the PC that automatically configures your computer and re-configures it back when you disconnect.

Download iPhoneModem Helper application to provide one-click connectivity.

iPhoneModem Helper for Mac

Download it!

iPhoneModem Helper for Windows


After testing and making sure it's working, you can disable the registration reminder by purchasing a license which is based on a 6 character phone identifier given on iPhoneModem's registration screen.

All purchases will be handled by PayPal. The price is $9.99.

1. Open on the mac and click connect 2. WiFi network created 3. Open on iPhone 4. Open a web browser and surf on


What is iPhoneModem

iPhoneModem enables sharing of the iPhone's Internet connection with your Mac or PC.

It's a simple and small footprint application for the iPhone and the Desktop Computer that anyone can use on a few seconds.

iPhoneModem is available for Jailbreaked devices using the cydia package manager on the phone.

To make connecting a one click task, you should also download the helper application for your computer.

What's new

In version 5.0

1. iOS5 optimized; continues to work fine on iPhoneOS 2.x,3.x and 4.x.

2. Free upgrading for all users, same $9.99 price to disable the registration reminder.

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Compatibility: iPhoneModem has been tested on all iPhoneOS and iOS devices since version 2.0 (September 2008)

Sharing: the internet connection can be used by several devices.

Security: you can use WiFi security to protect the shared internet connection.

Speed: full 7.2 Mbps 3.5G speeds can be achieved (with optimal network reception).

Usage: iPhoneModem and the helper app on the computer provide a simple one-click solution to internet sharing.

How does it work

iPhoneModem has two sides: the Modem application on the iPhone and the iPhoneModem helper for the Mac or the PC.

On the computer, the helper application creates a new computer-to-computer (or ad-hoc) WiFi network and configures the system preferences to use the iPhone as an Internet gateway and proxy.

On the iPhone, the application opens a routing engine, DHCP, DNS, HTTP, HTTPS and SOCKS proxies and connects to the helper on the computer.


How to Install

1. Jailbreak the iPhone (if you haven't already)

2. On the iPhone use "Cydia" to install iPhoneModem - it's filed on the Networking category. After installing a new App named "Modem" should be available on the iPhone.

3. Download and install the helper application.

How to Use it

After installing iPhoneModem on the phone and on the computer, open the iPhoneModem on the computer and click "connect".

A new WiFi network is created by the computer and, on the iPhone you should select it and open the "Modem" application. When connected everything should be automatically configured.


Try using the great jailbreak wizard on iClarified
For the latest news on jailbreaking procedures: iClarified Tutorials


iPhone jailbreaked with iPhoneOS >= 2.0 [tested up to iOS 5.0]

Mac WiFi capable Intel or PowerPC with 10.5 (leopard),10.6 (snow leopard) or 10.7 (lion);

PC WiFi capable computer running Microsoft Windows Vista, XP or 7. latest service packs are recommended . service pack 3 is a requirement on XP . installer will refer to Bonjour and .Net Framework installation

We stopped supporting Tiger on version 3.2, if you are using Tiger you can download version 3.1 here.

Who we are

iPhoneModem has been developed by Addition, Lda. mainly by Diogo Vitorino and Fábio Bernardo; all graphic and interface design is attributed to Pedro Rufino.
Addition was established on 1998 and has since then been on the mobile applications market with a, now quite old product, for the PalmOS named Addition4Palm.